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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 25, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> announcer: tonight on huckabee, she was paralyzed as a teenager. >> i can't do a life in a wheelchair without use of my hand or legs. >> announcer: then, another challenge. >> as if being quadriplegic wasn't enough, she has breast cancer. >> announcer: she stays strong with a positive outlook on life. >> divine alignment happens in every one of our lives. >> reporter: coincidences, chance encounters or part of a bigger plan. >> god is moving us along toward our destiny. >> reporter: plus, syndicated talk show host larry elder how a man-to-man talk end aid family feud between father and son.
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause]. >> gov. mike huckabee: thank you, thank you very much. thank you very much, audience. and, welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. i hope that you and your family are enjoying some precious and special time together, during this thanksgiving holiday. you know, we all have a lot to be grateful for but sometimes we have to stop and realize it. i'm grateful that i have work, knowing that many of my fellow americans don't. i'm grateful to have the freedom to speak my mind. even criticize the government, even though in places like iran and north korea it probably gets you killed and i'm grateful to have food to eat and home a sleep in and realize during this special weekend, there are thousands still left stranded and homeless by hurricane sandy and tragically some of our nation's veterans are sleeping on the streets, because we have
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not provided the resources they were promised. i am grateful for my church. it doesn't just preach the gospel, it practices it. and, it delivered hundreds of food baskets to good families, who just need a little help. to make sure their thanksgiving table has plenty. i'm also grateful for the men and women of our military, who leave their families for months at a time in order to face bullets and bombs to provide me with the freedoms i do so enjoy. i hope never take for granted. i'm grateful for my health. knowing that many this very day are struggling for their very next breath. i'm grateful for my dogs, because they make me laugh. they keep me company, and, they show me a level of loyalty and unconditional love that is pure and powerful. and i'm grateful for my family. a devoted wife, of 38 years, three children, who are responsible and hard working adults, now. and, for two spectacular grandchildren! [laughter]. >> harris: that have given me a
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renewed hope for the world and also a joy that takes me to a new level. i'm also thankful that i'm going to have the opportunity to personally meet many of you during the next couple of weeks. when i visit about 45 communities to sign copies of my latest book, and that is one that is for every parent and grandparent. dear chandler, dear scarlett, a collection of letters to my grandchildren but i want it to be letters to your children and grandchildren so you can teach them that more important than material wealth is character and integrity. i hope you will leave them with more than an antique car or knife collection. and, one day, they will say that what they are grateful for, that you gave them, is that you gave themm eyour faith and belief in all that is good and godly. [applause]. >> harris: now, if you want to find out where i'm going to be on the huck-a-bus, visit my web site at and
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click on the link to "dear chandler, dear scarlett" and if i'm not able to get to your town it will be available at or your local book retailer. i think you you will be thankful you read it and friends and family will be very grateful that you gave it as a gift. for most of us, holidays are a time to enjoy with our families, for those who are estranged from family members, you know, holidays can be tough. syndicated radio talk show host larry elder was bitter and angry toward his father who he had not spoken to for ten years, but, all of that changed over an 8 hour conversation when they finally got back together and he writes about it in his new book, "dear father, dear son, two lives, 8 hours." larry elder joins us now. [applause]. >> harris: you and your -- were estranged for ten years. >> we were.
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>> harris: what was it so big that caused you not to talk to him for that length of time. >> governor, thank you for having me. my dad was a marine, one of the first black marines and grew up in the jim crow south and didn't know who his biological father is, the man elder who was in his life the longest, none of which i knew until we sat down after not having spoken to each other for ten years. i was 15. we had a fight over something relatively inconsequential in retrospect and i didn't talk to him for years and i had difficulty sleeping and, can't eat and i wanted to tell him how i felt and i thought i could repair the relationship and that wasn't my goal, it was to call him an sob and he'd all me a name and we'd have a five minute conversation and instead the conversation lasted 8 hours and he went from being a mean sob to an inspiration and i learned so many things about him i knew and when i unloaded the
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things that bothered me, he said i was a better father to you than mine to me. my dad never said a word about his father and i found out about his up bringing in the conversation. >> harris: you wanted to make contact and you had the 8 hour conversation, who broke the ice? you or him and started bringing a little actual conversation into this, rather than just a confrontation that you were expected? >> i think i did. i'm the one who decided to talk to him. i lived in ohio at the time and my dad is in los angeles and i didn't tell him i was coming and i walked into the restaurant and he was a janitor and worked two full-time jobs as a janitor when i was a kid and cooked for the family on the weekend and no human being worked that heart and that is a reason he was irritable. go four hours of sleep for a couple of decades and see what mood you are in and added to everything i found out about him. whence he was a little boy, in the country, athens, georgia, he
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thought the woman who raised him was his mother, a kid in the neighborhood informed him it was his grandfather and he goes home crying to the grandfather and she said, yes, i'm not your mother, i'm your grandmother. his mother came in and out of his life and had a series of boyfriends and elder was in the mom's life the longest and my dad came home from school and had a fight with the boyfriend and this mom sided with the boyfriend and threw him out of the house, never render, 13 years old and great depression, unemployment 50% for black men. >> harris: larry, what was the relationship with your dad like after you reconciled? >> we went from being not speaking to each for ten years, to becoming close, and my dad was emotional and told me about his life, he never told us before and i understood why he was irritable and cold and he
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believed hard work wins and you get out of life what you put into it and before you complain decide whether there is something else you could have done and sooner or later something bad will happen and how you react to the bad thing tells me whether or not your mom and i raised a man and i said, not too much pressure, dad! >> harris: larry, how much of your dad do you ever find seeing in yourself? >> a whole lot, governor. much more than i thought. i told myself when i was a kid. i would never be like my father and the older i got, more of my friends said you are just like him, hard working, focused. i'm similar to him. >> harris: it works out like that. people we focus on, ones we think we don't like are the ones we become like because we focus on them all the time. >> absolutely. >> harris: your dad passed away last year, talk about those last months, of his life, and the relationship you had and what you feel like you will always have no matter whether your dad is here or not, of him.
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>> my dad died shortly after this finished the book and i read passages to him. he began having dementia and it was hard to follow that. and i don't want to make light of it but what is good, he had a raucous sense of humor and i had one joke he loved and i told it over and over again and he'd still laugh at it. >> harris: i wish i had a joke like that. >> we did normal things, taking him to the doctor, getting a haircut and i took him to a movie," sling blade" and he always wanted to be next to a restroom and i put him next to run and he was restless during the movie, i thought he's ooepd to use the restroom and he said, let's leave. the man in sling blade reminded him of the man who abused him when he was a little boy and he couldn't take it anymore. one of the few times i saw him cry. >> harris: wow. larry, in the midst of the holidays a lot of families are estranged and people have deep hurts. give advice to families who are
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estranged for maybe a mother, father, or husband and wife or sun or daughter? what do they do to start the relationship over. >> i hope the book will give to it. 70% of black kids today are born outside of wedlock. auto% of hispanic kids are and 25% of white kids are, what when you have no male role model in the house? my father didn't have one. and if anybody could have gone awry, it was my dad and, my dad said you should know the difference between right and wrong and value of hard work and no matter how bad the cards are dealt. it is your mortal duty to play them to the best of your ability and the second thing: you never know what is inside someone. what is this downside intelling somebody how you really feel? if it is a relative, parent, child, father, what is the downside, the worst that can happen, and, the best is you can realize you misunderstood each other or had a fight over something inconsequential.
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>> harris: it usually is. it's a powerful story, and one that really will touch a lot of lives and, may be a great holiday season to bring people together. appreciate you being here. thank you, the book is "dear father, dear son." larry elder. >> thank you. >> harris: coming up she became a quadriplegic at the age of 17. later in life, was diagnosed with breast cancer. but with the help of her devoted husband she's battling her challenges and has a great outlook on life. johnnie ericksson tada and her husband, ken join us next. >> i'd like to hear from you, go to my web site, tell me what you think on the leave feedback section or sign up on my facebook page and follow me on twitter. you can findndndndnd ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell
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>> harris: there is a lot to be said for helping others, johnnie ericksson -- joni eareckson tada became a quadriplegic and, after suicidal thoughts devoted her life to ministering to the disabled all over the world and has now written a book about another battle, breast cancer. joni eareckson tada and her husband, ken stopped by for a visit, recently. >> harris: thanks for coming here. [applause]. >> harris: before the show i told you that when i was, you know, just a young by, barely in my 20s i read your book and it
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was life changing to me because you had had this horrible accident as a young person, 17, rendered quadriplegic, athletic person, and, now for the rest of your life in a wheelchair. you you thought about ending your life. what turned you around and you said, no, i'm going to -- life is worth living even in a wheelchair? >> well, i remember one prayer that i prayed in the hospital, it was short, but it was so sincere. it was, lord, if i can't die, then you are going to have to show me how to live. i can't do quadriplegia. i'm an athlete, on the inside. i am on the go, i'm active. i can't do a life in a wheelchair without use of my hands or my legs. but, governor, i really think that it was other people's prayers, cheered me on, that, those prayers broke the crust of doubt and fear around my heart. and, i didn't realize it, but my girlfriends, high school girlfriends were praying for me, every thursday morning with my
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church youth leader, and for a full year, they did that and, i think i'm resonating from those prayers. i really do. >> harris: did you ever just say, god, why me? i mean, why me? an athletic, you know, person who has all this physical energy, and, now, i can't move anymore. >> i did. why me. and i got so tired of sitting in the corner, feeling sorry for myself, so much self-pity and one day they wheeled me into the occupational therapy room in the hospital and a guy paralyzed more severely than i was, he was there with his arms like this and had a ventilator and could barely move. at least i had shoulder muscles and a little bit of biceps and they put a pencil in his mouth and said, try writing and i thought surely he'd spit it out because i had, i thought it was beneath me and i saw him and i thought, what courage, i need to have his attitude.
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and so then, i started to realize, there were a lot of other people with disabilities like me, who needed that same courage, i was beginning to find my friend in occupational therapy found and it was all mainly from digging deep into the bible, to see what god had to say next. what was he going to do next. >> harris: you learned not just to write but to paint. putting the brush in your teeth and i can remember, watching your testimony on billy graham's television specials, many years ago and, just being absolutely amazed that you were able to do this. and, that it was beautiful art. >> thank you, but sometimes i tend to drool over my paintings. and, when i write books and people want me to ought woodward avenue the first page, i would caution them. but thank you, that is encouraging to hear. >> harris: ken, you and joni have been married 30 years.
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how did you fall in love with her and tell me about the experiences, it was going to be a challenging kind of marriage. >> first of all, governor, one thing i recognized about her is that she has a beautiful heart. and, the bible says, in 1 samuel 16:7, god doesn't look at the things that men look at. but god looks at the heart and she has a beautiful heart. we have had difficulties. we, you know, we have had the same type of difficulties as any other married couple would have. except we happen to have a disability involved. but, i can tell you you she's my best friend. >> i can't fold his laundry or whip up an omelette, i can't rub his back when he's tired. there are many things i, quote can't do but i can cheer him on, affirm him, applaud him. pray for him. encourage him, there are so many things that are more important than hofolding your husband's
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underwear. >> gov. mike huckabee: and, for respect for johnnie joni i will longer fold my husband's underwear. >> you know what i mean. >> gov. mike huckabee: but there are real challenges and it means that for you to travel, for example, it is not just, oh, let's jump into the car and go somewhere. it is -- it involves an extraordinary amount of thought and planning and logistics, for the two of you just to go out, doesn't it? >> oh, yeah. i think that one of the things, governor, that we couldn't do on our own. we'd readily admit that. we need help and we have great friends that travel along with us to help the situations, and, you know... >> and we tell them that they are helping us, is a way of i don't know cultivating compassion and oh, i don't know,
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just honoring what the bible has to say about serving others and so i think there is an eternal perspective, people who help us, which is why, ken and i have been so blessed. we want to pass on the blessings to so many other disabled people and their families through our ministry. and, that is what we love doing. traveling, yes. but also, encouraging a lot of people with disabilities along the way. >> gov. mike huckabee: encouraging things i hear from you guys and this is -- i have to stop and realize, you faced one of the greatest challenges that couples could face. and yet you are not sitting here saying this is a terrible life. i find such joy in both of you and it is remarkable. it is so encouraging and i'm thinking, you know what? i don't have any
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>> gov. mike huckabee: i want to talk about another challenge you face, the diving accident, being quadriplegic was not enough, you were diagnosed with breast n what happened, when you first got that diagnosis, joni, you have breast cancer. >> i was overwhelmed. it always happened to other women and there were many issues related to my quadriplegia i didn't have time to get a mammogram. i don't think that way now but when i was diagnosed, it was a shock. and i was frightened what it would mean for ken, my body image is already shot and, how much more to get a mastectomy and chemotherapy, but, my husband, governor, was my strongest advocate through this. cheering me on, showing up in every blood test and pet scan and bone scan, x-ray, everything. and, it really -- what do you think, ken, drew us closer.
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>> it drew us closer together. i had to pause for a moment. i could have lost my best friend and there was a moment there, where, we didn't know, we didn't know how serious it was going to be. and, you know, every time, one thing we learned, through this journey is that it is hurry up and wait. you get a diagnosis and you have to wait for the lab test and get the lab test and take another test. >> gov. mike huckabee: wait until obamacare kicks in. sorry about that. go ahead. >> you are right. yeah. >> at one point, i wasn't sure if she was going to make it through the year and i think that probably the sweetest time we had was sitting in the backyard and realizing that we were just in the moment. >> every day is precious. >> every day is precious. >> absolutely. >> gov. mike huckabee: there were many unique challenges because of your condition as a quadriplegic that breast cancer is daunting enough. but you face extraordinary different challenges, because of
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the quadriplegia. >> that is why i was not able to have radiation. because, of the quadriplegia, my lungs are already limited, and, to have radiation, it would have damaged them further, and we opted not to have radiation and trust that in what, five or six years i may be declared cancer free, let's hope so. >> gov. mike huckabee: your story is truly awesome. you have been through all of these things and god left you here much longer than people would have been able to live with the condition that you experienced as a 17-year-old. what is your life message? what is it that you want to say to the world, every day when you wake up, you say, okay, god, this is what i hope people understand. >> that is the way i wake up. i do wake up that way, governor, because, it is so difficult in the morning to just have somebody come into the bedroom, give me a bed bath and toileting routine and pull up my pants
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and, brush my teeth and i say i can't take it another day, give me strength and i wake up every morning needing godde desperate, and, that is the only way to live and i wrote this mission out, some years ago, i said, i want to be god's best audio visual aid of how his power shows up best in my weakness. and that is my goal, and, that is what we do at joni and friends, our ministry of just encouraging other special needs families, because, there is so much despair and devastation. people with disabilities are struggling with so much hard ache and i want them to see that god's power can be sufficient in their lives, as well. >> gov. mike huckabee: what a powerful story, and i want to stay from the time i first read your book which has been 30 -- 37 years ago. >> wait, you are aging me --
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yikes. >> gov. mike huckabee: to this day you have been an encouraging and symbol and voice of hope. ken, thank you for sharing your wonderful perspective. your life and your wife, with us today. ken and joni, god bless you and thank you for being here. >> absolutely, thank you, too. >> gov. mike huckabee: she says what you think might be chance encounters have already been planned by a higher power. a best-selling author and his y
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want them go to you are watching the most powerfname in news. >> a tv executive of good morning america and created the school house rock series and became a "new york times" best-selling author with his "when good winks" books and now has a new book, "divine alignment." squire rushnell and his wife join us. good to have you here. >> thank you, governor. >> to go from a television network career to writing inspirational books, that is a big leap, man. how did that happen. >> well, i went from conjunction junction, what is your function, to, pray, now that is interesting. >> gov. mike huckabee: that is a leap. >> all the time i was at good morning america i was fascinated by those stories where the
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reporter would say, and ironically today and i'd perk up my ears and i thought it might be one of these things we call i coincidence and i always felt there was more than just coincidence and when i researched it and talked about it and started write egg this first book, i needed to come up with a new word. and i really prayed about that a lot and talked to the lord about what word would be appropriate. and a little word called god wink came into my mind, little "g", godspeed, god send, god wink and i used it to replace the word coincidence and i found it absolutely worked and became a new word in the language. >> gov. mike huckabee: what i love, it remind us that if we believe the bible, that god knows how many hairs are on our head, which for me is simpler than it needs to be and if god
8:34 pm
knows every sparrow that falls, then, that means he is intimately involved in our lives, and some things we look around and say, wow, it really isn't a wow moment, it is as you would call it a god wink moment. >> the thing i like best about having this as my job now is that god winks are now a concrete connection between you and you and you and me and somebody up there. a concrete connection. because, when a god wink happens you know it is special to you and out of 6 billion people on the planet, a direct person-to-person message. hey, kid, i'm thinking of you right now. >> gov. mike huckabee: one of the best god winks that happened to you was meeting your lovely wife, louise, who may be one of the most talented women in america and we're going to absolutely insist that she introduce us to the people that you have to live with all day long. louise, great having you you here. >> thanks, governor.
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i did bring one of my favorites, made us laugh 100 years, george burns. i'm happy to be here... i live to be 100, when i was a boy, the dead sea was only six. >> gov. mike huckabee: you have made a wonderful career of making people laugh. you know what? we need more laughter and more fun in the world. some people take everything too seriously. would you introduce our audience to some of your favorite people, and our favorite people. >> i would love to. >> gov. mike huckabee: louise duart, everybody, please welcome her. [applause] nice auto love doing impressions, but i even dream in them, i had a dream the other night i got to go to the academy awards. and i was so excited because all of my favorite stars were there from film and television and, all of a sudden the elevator doors were stuck back stage. oh, oh... the elevator doors
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>> bart that is not very nice! don't you think you should share with everyone in the elevator. >> look over there, hillary rodham clinton, look, how did we get ourselves stuck in this pickle, i ask you. >> it is a vast right wing conspiracy, joan. >> somebody yell for help! help! >> me? little old me? >> use that trap of yours for something useful and yell for help like that. thank you, girl. >> all right, old lady, i will! heeelp... >> the greatest woman in the whole entire word, barbra streisand, hello, it is babs... >> this is dr. ruth westheimer. what is your problem. >> you have to get us out of the elevator. >> i'm sorry, i cannot. >> how come?
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because, i'm standing right next to you! >> i didn't see you down there, you little munch kin. >> munch kins... >> i'm the good witch. >> the lollipop kids... >> i'll take two paws, one paws, i'll take you all the paws, because i'm king of the forest...♪ >> ha, ha, has, has... >> who killed my sister. >> what is she talking about! >> i'll get you, my pretty. you and the mangy old dog, too. >> that's my daughter, gloria! olive oil, don't you know anybody who can help us? >> look, everybody, it is popeye, our hero, he'll help us, won't you, popeye. >> well, sure olive oil i'll below the doors down! 'cause i'm popeye the sailor man
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-- woo-woo! [applause]. >> gov. mike huckabee: that is fantastic! louise duart. coming up, do you believe in chance encounters? squires thinks there is more to them than coincidence and we'll continue our if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription. [ male announcer ] dosing and application sites between these products differ. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child,
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>> gov. mike huckabee: kwaurment paefpaef. >> gov. mike huckabee: we talked about god winks and god winked with you two. how did you meet. >> the first time i saw her, she had a green long nose and a water on it. >> i since had it removed! >> she was playing williamtchy-n hr puffin-stuff and i didn't
8:43 pm
know her name and i was running children's tv at abc at the time and the croft brothers and i did a show and i said, how about the girl who played witchy.poo and, i followed her career 25 years and i was coming to pick up my brain injured son in new york to take him to canada and he was excite and at the last minute the meeting to canada was cancelled and i said, we'll go to a broadway show and we went to a show "dream stock" starring louise duart and we met back stage. >> and we saw each other and we both knew we'd get married and we went out for coffee afterwards and we have had coffee every day since. real blessed. >> therhere's the extraordinary
8:44 pm
wink, the meeting cancelled in canada was divinely aligned with the closing of her show. that was the last performance. >> gov. mike huckabee: not only was it she was available that night to meet you, but with the closing of the show was available to continue to meet you, after the show. >> exactly right. >> gov. mike huckabee: i think people tend to believe that so many incidents in life or happenstance and chance encounters. in the book that you have done, divine alignment, you are saying god is lining this up in ways to prepare us for the people we meet, the things that we do, give me examples that you have seen where it takes place. >> all of us have divine alignment. we are all connected by invisible threads and we are on this incredible gps, god's positioning system. and we move through life, we bump into people, we say, wow, what a coincidence. well, i would say that is a good wink and we move along and say, gee if i hadn't met the person i wouldn't have gotten the job or had this happen and this is
8:45 pm
divine alignment, how god moves us along towards our destiny and i believe if we get on our path heading for what we believe to be our destiny, it will unfold. i'll tell you a story. colonel leo forceness who later received a congressional medal of honor, was shot down over hanoi. and he was thrown into a p.o.w. camp, a terrible experience and they tried to break him and bent parts of his body that didn't bend and prayed every day that he would find a survival, and release. and now, 9,000 miles away, in texas, there was a young girl, a 16-year-old cheerleader, she bought a $2.50 wrist bracelet. it had a p.o.w. name on it. hers said colonel leo forceness. and she took him into her heart and wore that bracelet wherever she went, every game that she
8:46 pm
cheered at and prayed for him like he was a member of the family. when she saw six years later him getting off of a plane into america and he was released, she took off the bracelet and put it into a keepsake box. now, fast forward. 40 years. >> gov. mike huckabee: 40 years. >> 40 years, she's invited to a houston astros game, doesn't really want to go but her husband prevails and gets there, 40,000-seat stadium. but imagine her delight when she sees the person, the celebrity who had been chose ton to throwt the first pitch, it was the kourm. she said he's my p.o.w.! i have to meet him and step number five in my book of divine alignment. step out in faith and believe that you will arrive. she stepped out in faith, and went looking for him, in 40,000 seats. she had all kind of obstacles but finally got to a spot where she passed a note over and
8:47 pm
pretty soon bounding out of the seat was colonel thorsness. he had you had my p.o.w. bracelet and she said yes. i prayed for you every night and he said, it was terrible there. he said most nights i couldn't sleep but some nights i slept like a baby, now i know why. you were praying for me. and she said, you were my hero. he said, no, you were my hero. that is how divine alignment connected two individuals, 40 years apart, in a 40,000-seat stadium, divine alignment is incredible. it happens in every one of our lives. if we start realizing that there are steps that we can take, we will be able to reach our destinations. >> gov. mike huckabee: what an incredible story, the book is divine alignment. and i think it was divine alignment that you and louise were here today.
8:48 pm
what a joy, and a privilege and, what an encouragement to everybody. my goodness, we all need encouragement these days and i hope you get yours. the book is called "define alignment." squires rushnell. coming up, former "american idol" contestant scott mcintyre, he performs one of his original songs. stay with us. ♪
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♪ >> i'm so blessed to be here. i have the time of my life. there is no words to describe it. whatever happens... >> the nation has spoken. and the person through and into our top 12 is scott. [cheers and applause].
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>> gov. mike huckabee: he was the first legally blind finalist on "american idol." paula abdul called him an inspiration for his commitment and talent. and he has a solo career now and has a new cd, heartstrings and he's also the author of the book "by faith, not by sight." please welcome scott macintyre. glad to have you here. >> how are you. >> gov. mike huckabee: doing great. what made you you decide you wanted to even try for "american idol"? >> you know, it was a crazy thing, and took me a while to actually decide to do that. but, more than entertain, week after week and more than do what i love which is music i wanted to show people that someone less than perfect in the world's eyes, like myself with a disability could reach for their dreams. and make it happen. >> gov. mike huckabee: you certainly did and did inspire so many people. but, there's a part of your
8:53 pm
story the people watching "american idol" never knew. in august of 2007, you had to have a kid my transplant. >> i did. you know, this is something i never talked about, on "american idol." i wanted to just compete and enjoy making music, but, in -- when i was 19 years old, i was graduating from college, i graduated a little bit early... >> gov. mike huckabee: a little early? you graduated at 19. >> just a little bit. >> gov. mike huckabee: graduated at 19. >> i really felt like, you know, it was a testament to overcoming my disability that i was able to do that and i was excited about my future and graduation day, i got this news that my kidneys were failing. and, i did not know what that meant, i was 19 years old at the time. scared me to death. and, i eventually got so sick i couldn't even play the piano or sing in my own living room. and, it was like my dreams were dying, when i couldn't do the very thing that i believed god put me here to do, it was
8:54 pm
devastating. and, i didn't know if i missed his calling for my life or what was going on and august of 2007, the wife of my former piano teacher from college donated her kidney to me and saved my life. >> gov. mike huckabee: oh, my goodness. wow. [applause]. >> gov. mike huckabee: your life is a testimony, scott of god's grace, and your determination, to follow his dream for you. tell us what song you will do for us today. >> i'll do a song off the "heartstrings" album, called "i am hopeful". >> gov. mike huckabee: "i am hopeful" ♪ ♪ when day is swallowed up in night ♪ ♪ when you can barely see the light ♪ ♪ look for me
8:55 pm
♪ when all your strengths is gone ♪ ♪ when you are barely holding on ♪ ♪ reach for me ♪ in every ti-- and every time ♪ ♪ when you're in need ♪ i am hope ♪ you can find me ♪ on the way to every story's happy ending ♪ ♪ you don't know ♪ how to make it through the pain ♪ ♪ but you won't give up ♪ while you still know my name ♪ i am hope ♪ dope ever settle for defeat
8:56 pm
♪ just hold your head up and believe ♪ ♪ as long as you are breathing ♪ there is hope ♪ i am hope ♪ you can find me ♪ on the way to every story's happy ending ♪ ♪ even though ♪ fear and doubt stood in the way ♪ ♪ you made it through because you knew my name ♪ ♪ yeah, you made it through ♪ because you knew my name
8:57 pm
♪ i am hope ♪... [applause]. >> gov. mike huckabee: our thanks to scott macintyre for being with us and our thanks to you, i hope you have a great rest of the weekend and a wonderful time as you close out your thanksgiving weekend holiday. until next time, this is mike huckabee from new york. good night, and god bless.
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